Sofware Development

Our team will help you bring your project to life. We engage clients from the project inception phase, design and development. Our expertise is in web and mobile app development.

Our technology stack includes:

  • Backend: NodeJS, PHP, Java, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Data Management: MongoDB, MySQL
  • Frontend: ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3, Tailwind
  • Mobile: Android (Java/Kotlin)
  • DevOps: GIT/Github, Docker, Linux, AWS, Linode
  • CI/CD: Github Actions, Terraform & Jnekins
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch, Sentry


For clients who have an idea which has not been fully developed, our team will help you flesh out your idea and advice you on the best approach and technology to use.

Call us today and get a free 15-minute consultation on your first project.


We provide support services for software deployments to help our customers get the best user experience as possible: